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Mark Bittman Praises "Spectacular" Kin Khao

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It's "the most exacting Thai restaurant in which [he's] ever eaten."

Patricia Chang

Pim Techamuanvivit's Union Square Thai spot Kin Khao has been met with raves this year, with Bauer dubbing it "an exciting ride" and Bon Appetit naming it to its 50 Best New Restaurants in America list. Now Mark Bittman can be added to the list of food-savvy folks singing Kin Khao's praises, thanks to a new article in the New York Times Magazine. "Pim Techamuanvivit is an old-school restaurateur, a person who knows her cuisine inside out," says Bittman, praising chef Michael Gaines' "spectacular" mushroom hor mok, "complex, subtle and magnificent" green curry with rabbit, and other dishes that make it "the most exacting Thai restaurant in which [he's] ever eaten." And for those who want to try out Kin Khao's food at home, he's gotten ahold some of the restaurant's recipes, including that hor mok, the chili jam (and yum yai salad), and pad kee mao that "blows the doors off any Pad Thai you've ever had."

Kin Khao

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