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The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen Will Open in North Beach

The third location for the burgeoning chain is targeting Levi's Plaza workers.

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen's Mission location.
The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen's Mission location.

Success has been fast and furious for The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, which plans on serving their millionth grilled cheese this month. After opening in South Park four years ago, Heidi Gibson and Nate Pollak added a second location in the Mission, and now, as Inside Scoop reports, they've signed up for a third, at Broadway and Battery. The new location is intended to serve the busy workers of Levi's Plaza, and with a full kitchen, it'll offer the more expanded menu of the Mission location, which includes burgers, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, brussels sprouts, fries, and more. Breakfast, beer, and wine are also on the table.

Wylie Price, who designed the last two Grilled Cheese Kitchens, will again be behind this one. But since it'll be located in a brand-new building still under construction (which will require a full buildout), it won't arrive until next summer at the earliest. In the meantime, Gibson and Pollak have signed a cookbook deal with Chronicle Books, and they've also launched delivery through Square-owned service Caviar. And though Pollak said back in 2012 that the couple didn't want to exceed three locations, in order to maintain quality, he and Gibson are apparently looking at more expansion opportunities as well.

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