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Centerplate CEO Ousted in Dog-Kicking Elevator Incident

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Less than a week after a disturbing video surfaced of Centerplate CEO Desmond Hague kicking a dog in an elevator, the concessions company has accepted Hague's resignation. In addition to hundreds of clients nationwide, Centerplate provides food services to both AT&T Park and the brand-new Levi's Stadium. The incident came to light with the Giants' season in full swing and the 49ers' just beginning, prompting calls for fans to boycott both stadiums' lucrative food offerings.

Though Hague initially received a slap on the wrist from Centerplate, including 1,000 hours of community service, anger management sessions and a $100,000 donation to an animal foundation, vocal public outcry convinced the company to give Hague the boot.

"We want to reiterate that we do not condone, nor would we ever overlook, the abuse of animals," said Joe O'Donnell, chairman of the board of directors for Centerplate, in a statement. "Following an extended review of the incident involving Mr. Hague, I'd like to apologize for the distress that this situation has caused to so many; but also thank our employees, clients and guests who expressed their feelings about this incident. Their voices helped us to frame our deliberations during this very unusual and unfortunate set of circumstances."

For his part, Hague has stated that he takes full responsibility for his actions. According to a source for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Hague took the dog, a Doberman pinscher named Sade, out for a walk after several cocktails. According to his somewhat farfetched explanation of the incident, the leash caught in Hague's hand as the dog tried to run ahead and Hague became incensed after hurting his fingers.

The British Columbia Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took possession of Sade on August 21st, when they visited a Vancouver high-rise and found signs that the dog had previously been abused. Hopefully Sade, and the football and baseball fans who've been perturbed by this sad story, can find some solace with the news of Hague's downfall.

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