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Outerlands Drops Second Chef in Six Months

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Photo: Patricia Chang

A good chef is hard to find, at least if you're Dave Muller and Lana Porcello. The Outerlands owners split with their long-running chef Brett Cooper back in March, replacing him with Greg Kuzia-Carmel, a veteran of NYC's Altamarea Group and Per Se. But less than four months after reopening the expanded Outerlands, the duo have decided to part ways with Kuzia-Carmel as well. As Inside Scoop reports, both parties believe that Kuzia-Carmel wasn't the right fit for the concept, which is a bit odd because Muller and Porcello say they're planning to keep the menu in roughly the same place it's been since they reopened.

In Kuzia-Carmel's stead, pastry chef Brooke Mosley and longtime sous chef Bayani Inclano will share chef duties; Muller and Porcello believe this collaborative method is more adaptable to Outerlands' more varied offerings, which now include a morning pastry program and bar bites in addition to brunch and dinner. Cooper has already found a new home, opening the forthcoming Perennial with the Daniel Patterson Group, and Kuzia-Carmel, who moved to SF for the Outerlands gig, says he's on the hunt for a new job in the area as well.

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