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Dennis Leary Delivers Via Meter-Maid Interceptors, Because He Is a Genius

A three-wheeled secret keeps the man behind The Sentinel and House of Shields in business.

Interceptor photo: SF Citizen

If anyone is looking to base a sitcom on the life of a restaurateur, we'd like to nominate Dennis Leary as the source material. The hilarious and mega-prolific FiDi empire-builder, whose portfolio includes sandwich shops (The Sentinel, Golden West), bars (House of Shields, Natoma Cabana, Trocadero Club), and bars/sandwich shops (Cafe Terminus), has revealed the sweet rides that underpin his business: a pair of secondhand Interceptors, just like the kind used by the SFDPT (a.k.a. the meter maids). Leary posed with the vehicles for the Wall Street Journal, explaining that they're lifesavers when it comes to transporting goods between his various businesses (many of them jointly run with partner Eric Passetti). "The city is like a driving dystopia. I've never seen it more congested, and people are aggressive," says Leary. "You can park in a motorcycle spot, which is key in San Francisco, where parking is a blood sport."

Leary's Interceptors were acquired legally at aftermarket sales (they run about $4K each), though that doesn't stop FiDi denizens from mistaking him for the DPT. "People think they're official vehicles. I get asked questions all the time, and I'll have to say, 'Dude, I'm not traffic enforcement. This is a civilian vehicle.'" In addition to their obvious parking advantages, they rarely need a fill-up and, Leary hints, can go on sidewalks (though he'd "never admit to doing anything illegal.") The only downside is that they don't handle corners very well, and though Leary has perfected his motorcycle-style lean, accidents do happen. "One of my Interceptors currently smells of potent Indonesian soy sauce, the other like cabbage and caraway seeds." Given the number of other restaurant empires being built around town, aspiring titans may want to take a page out of Leary's vehicular book for their own uses. We only ask that we receive an invite to the inevitable Interceptor drag races.

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