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Buttermilk Southern Kitchen En Route to the Mission

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A former coin-op laundromat on the corner of 23rd and Bryant is set to become the location of Buttermilk Southern Kitchen, a neighborhood-friendly restaurant with a focus on all things Southern cuisine. Miguel De Ocampo, one of the partners behind the venture, tells us that the new spot will cover a wide range of styles, from Creole to Cajun to coastal Carolina fare, and will use local and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Housed in a 1,200-square-foot space, Buttermilk will feature an open kitchen and 49 seats in-house, plus additional sidewalk seating. In keeping with the character of the neighborhood, De Ocampo stresses that entrees will be affordable, with nothing over $18, and most dishes averaging about $15. "Our business model is honest food, affordable prices," he told us. "We're not trying to price anyone out."

With a goal to endear themselves to the neighborhood, the team behind Buttermilk Kitchen will offer both lunch and dinner, with an all-day Sunday brunch in the works. Beer and wine will also be on offer. The target opening timeframe for the new spot is end of October, so stay tuned for more updates.

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Buttermilk Southern Kitchen

2848 23rd Street, San Francisco CA