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Daniel Patterson Temporarily Shutters Haven, Plans a Concept Shuffle [UPDATED]

What this means for the restaurant and chef Charlie Parker remains unclear.


It seems that Daniel Patterson's Oakland outposts remain in flux. Haven, Patterson's upscale, modern American restaurant in Jack London Square, is set to undergo a concept change, his third in the East Bay in just the past year. The East Bay Express reports that the restaurant has temporarily closed and will relaunch as something else, still TBD. A sign posted in the window says that the restaurant will be "closed for renovations" until January 23, its OpenTable has been shut down since early January, and the phone only redirects to an overstuffed voicemail box.

Though there has been no official announcement on what the new direction will be, a spokesperson for the Daniel Patterson Group confirmed to the EBX that changes are indeed afoot at the 3,000 square-foot restaurant. It's the latest in the ongoing saga of changes at Patterson's Oakland restaurants, where he's struggled to find the correct footing since opening Uptown spot Plum in 2011 and Haven in 2012. Last year, Patterson shifted Plum from an upscale tasting-menu concept under Kim Alter into the casual Japanese spot Ume, then transformed it again a few months later, knocking down the wall between it and his more casual Plum Bar to create an expanded space for the latter.

Around the same time, Patterson hired back Charlie Parker, Plum's acclaimed former chef, from a stint in L.A., hoping he could turn around the fortunes of the restaurant, which focuses on upscale comfort food. There's no word yet on whether Parker will stay on board at Haven or remain a part of the Daniel Patterson Group at all, though it's not uncommon for chefs to move around within Patterson's empire. Parker could also potentially be the next beneficiary of Patterson's fairy-godfather efforts to help talented young chefs open restaurants in partnership with the DPG, which will launch with Brett Cooper at the Mission's Aster, set to open next month.

In addition to his two San Francisco restaurants (Coi and Alta CA), Patterson is currently busy with the launch of Loco'l, a "healthy fast-food" collaboration with L.A. chef Roy Choiset to launch in the Tenderloin sometime this year.

Update, 11:31 am: The DPG sent out the following tweets refuting Tsai's story. However, the EBX has yet to alter or retract the article, and Tsai says he got the facts right.