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Singapore's VeganBurg to Disrupt U.S. Palates with Upper Haight Location

An all-vegan chain aiming to prove that fast food doesn't need to be bad for you.


Burger chains have taken the Bay Area by storm in recent years, with locals like Super Duper, Trueburger, and Roam and out-of-towners like Umami Burger and Smashburger all making plays for local dominance. But a Singaporean newcomer is now headed our way with a new model for success—an entirely vegan burger joint. As Hoodline reports, VeganBurg, which has four locations in Singapore, has snapped up the forever-vacant All You Knead space on Haight, and plans to open their very first U.S. location there. (They were smart to choose SF for their expansion before they got too big, as formula retail laws in the neighborhood only apply to chains with 11 locations or more.)

Based on its Singaporean menu, VeganBurg diners can expect meat-free takes on a fried fish patty with tartar sauce, a Hawaiian teriyaki-style burger, and even a vegan paleo burger with lettuce for the bun. All the buns are whole-wheat, and the restaurant says it prides itself on sourcing locally. Fries sprinkled with seaweed flakes, vegan hot dogs, and chocolate-covered brown rice ice cream pops round out the offering. A combo meal runs $6-7 in Singapore, though the price tag will likely be higher here. Oh, and they're endorsed by vegetarian rockers Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) and Belinda Carlisle (The Go-Gos), if that's an enticement.

All You Knead's real-estate agent confirmed on Twitter that the lease is signed, but there's no word yet on when VeganBurg will make its stateside arrival.