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Neighbor Bakehouse Has Gone Brick-and-Mortar in the Dogpatch


Greg Mindel has had a wide-ranging career in baking, from teaching at the San Francisco Baking Institute to perfecting the treats at Tartine and Spruce. But for the past few years, he's thrown himself into Neighbor Bakehouse, his Dogpatch commercial bakery, which stocks the pastry cases of everyone from Four Barrel to Sightglass to Contraband Coffee. And now, he has a new bakery of his own to sell his wares: he's moved one block away to 2343 Third Street, where he's debuted a Neighbor brick-and-mortar. "[The Dogpatch] is a big commuter area, with people hopping on buses and trains. We're trying to make food that is commuter-friendly, that has value and isn't too precious."

Locals will find a full selection of Mindel's pastries, including a Valrhona chocolate claw, twice-baked pistachio blackberry jam croissant, and kimchi buns, as well as something new: bread, which Mindel is making in his new deck oven, with a few choices daily (available around 10 am). He's trying to continuously bake new pastries all morning, to give people the opportunity to enjoy them fresh from the oven, and is also experimenting with cream and custard-based pastries, which he's not able to sell to his wholesale clients. (His latest creation: a caramelized apple Danish with vanilla cream cheese.)

On the coffee side, Mindel is offering De La Paz drip coffee and espresso drinks. He's got his sights set on adding a pastry case for more complex creations as the bakery grows, and is hoping to do some lunchtime sandwiches as well. For now, hours are 6:30 am-12 pm, but he often sells out before 11 am, so latecomers should give Neighbor a call before getting their pastry fix.