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Yoshi's SF Replacement, The Addition, Shutters After Just Six Months

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Its owners could be as much as $5.5 million in debt to the city of SF.


It may be time to start considering Yoshi's SF for cursed-space status. Just six months after minority owner Michael Johnson bought out former owners Yoshie Akiba and Kaz Kajimura, the club, renamed The Addition, has once again closed. As KQED reports, the club attributes the shutter to "some financial hardships resulting from reduced revenue since the takeover in July," a very oblique way of saying that concert tickets (and the food and drink from concert attendees) weren't selling. The Addition had switched its focus from Yoshi's jazz-centric lineup to a more diverse medley of R&B, Latin, hip-hop, and jazz artists, but the new music apparently didn't draw crowds.

Johnson's newly formed Fillmore Live Entertainment Group has said they will cease operations at The Addition beginning today, and are on the hunt for "a potential lead partner to take over operations at the earliest possible time, and continue to present quality headline entertainment, in addition to re-concepting the existing restaurant." Considering that the restaurant was already re-concepted once this year, from Japanese food to a more American/Southern menu, that doesn't sound promising. On top of everything else, The Addition is in a lot of debt: the city wrote off $4.8 million in redevelopment loans to Yoshi's when it declared bankruptcy in 2012, and based on a New Fillmore piece from back when he did the deal, Johnson is still on the hook to the city for as much as $5.5 million more. Fillmore Live's statement said that they are "in the process of determining how to address existing liabilities of the business, and will be in touch at the earliest possible time."

As for the Addition's planned shows for January through March, which included everything from a Kristen Schaal Sketchfest comedy show to an acoustic performance from reformed AutoTune user T-Pain, they've all been cancelled, with no plans as of yet to reschedule them elsewhere. Akiba and Kajimura have retained ownership of Yoshi's Oakland, which is unaffected.


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