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After 10 Years, SOMA's Supperclub Gets Kicked Out of Bed

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A vanilla nightlife scene and pricey rents prompted the club to evolve.

Anna Latino/SF Examiner

San Francisco is about to get a little less weird. Supperclub, the decade-old SoMa "restaurant, cocktail bar, club, gallery and experimental free state all rolled into one," will close its doors at the end of January, taking its lounge beds along with it. The San Francisco location of the Amsterdam-based concept was the first to open in America; other outposts can be found in Istanbul, Los Angeles, London and Dubai. Built in 2005 to the tune of $10 million, this European-style club had everything: burlesque, drag shows, aerial performances, fire breathers, stiff drinks and dinner served in bed. It quickly became a destination for exhibitionists, voyeurs, artists and especially members of the Burning Man community.

Since then, the scene in San Francisco has changed, according to general manager Brad Ramacher, who told Inside Scoop that "[San Francisco nightlife] has definitely been gentrified to a specific type of person or lifestyle." And while skyrocketing rents in the once less-than-desirable SoMa neighborhood are another factor, special event coordinator and partner Michael Anthony notes that "it was time to change our direction anyhow, after 10 years."

The new direction will channel the bohemian spirit of the club through catering and pop-ups around the city, hoping to reach a more diverse group of people along the way. The new Supperclub is set to debut on Valentine's Day at Slide (430 Mason Street), where it will run for three months. It's planning to bring back some of the original, boundary-pushing acts from Supperclub's heydey, like BDSM and bondage. Anthony hopes that "People will start coming up with new concepts that will draw people out of their box and say, ‘Wow, what is this all about?’"

The club at 657 Harrison will cease operations after a final "Red Hots Burlesque" performance on Friday, January 23. Fans who want to relive the glory of Supperclub's brick-and-mortar location can stop by for a moving sale and party on Sunday, January 25 from 2pm-2am. They plan to sell off pretty much everything, including decor, memorabilia and cheap drinks. But considering where they've been, you may want to avoid buying those beds.


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