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Tara Reid Eats Pizza at Zero Zero, Takes Shirt Off at Lucky Strike

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Everyone's favorite woo girl hit the town, occasionally in only a bra.

Tara Reid

America's sweetheart Tara Reid, star of critically acclaimed hits Sharknado 2 and Taradise, recently spent some quality time in the fair city of San Francisco. Reid hit all the sights, including Alcatraz, and stopped by Lucky Strike to pay tribute to one of her most important roles, The Big Lebowski's Bunny Lebowski, by posing with a bowling ball in her bra.

Having balls of fun!

A photo posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

The actress, who has recently been under scrutiny for some weird, naughty Instagram photos in which she appeared shockingly gaunt, is apparently following Bauer's Update reviews, as she hit SOMA's Zero Zero, which she declared the "Best pizza in San Fran!"

Having lunch at Zero Zero in San Fran! Their pizza is amazing! @bri_leigh

A photo posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

The sauce, the cheese, the crust... Best pizza in San Fran! ❤️ Zero Zero

A photo posted by Tara Reid (@tarareid) on

Tablehopper reports that she continued to class it up when she and a friend "nibbled on caviar and oysters at Farallon."

Zero Zero

826 Folsom Street, , CA 94107 (415) 348-8800 Visit Website

Lucky Strike

145 Ipswich Street, , MA 02215 (617) 437-0300 Visit Website