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Feast Your Eyes on The Market, A Totally Bonkers Food Complex in the Twitter Building

Groceries, sushi, pizza, wine, tacos, Blue Bottle, and anything else you could want.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Twitter building has arrived on the culinary scene. Right on schedule, The Market, the first of the many dining projects scheduled for the massive former SF Furniture Mart at 10th and Market, has made its debut, offering a dizzying array of groceries, takeout food, and other deliciousness in a project that its owners, Bruce Slesinger & Tom Collom (Small Foods), Chris Foley, and Richard Hoff (Oakville Grocery, Napa Farms Market) are dubbing Northern California's answer to Eataly. Whether you're picking up produce, meat, seafood, and other sundries, grabbing tacos or pizza for lunch, sitting down for a meal at the sushi bar, or selecting a bottle in the wine shop, this 50,000-square-foot behemoth probably has what you're looking for.

We already broke down the entire offering last week, but to recap, The Market boasts three sit-down dining areas (a traditional cafe, sushi/oyster bar, and tapas bar), as well as six quick-service spots (a taco bar, pizzeria, hot bar/salad bar, sandwich bar, and Azalina's Malaysian, which will debut February 2nd) for meals to be taken away or enjoyed in a communal seating area. On top of that, Nuubia chocolates, body-care products company EO, Project Juice, and Farmgirl Flowers all have kiosks within the complex, and an affiliated (but not attached) outpost of Blue Bottle Coffee will arrive in March. (In the meantime, the cafe serves Four Barrel, and Nuubia has hot chocolate and espresso.) The grocery store features a bakeshop, cheese and charcuterie, and wine shop. Here's a map to help you navigate it all.

The Market is open daily, 7 am-10 pm, with the cafe debuting at 7 am, the grocery store coming online at 9 am, and prepared foods opening up at 11 am. Beer and wine are available for purchase in the grocery and wine shop, and are also offered on tap at the three sit-down dining spots. And this is the first of many big openings at the Twitter building: French brasserie Bon Marché, bar/microbrewery/restaurant Dirty Water, Mexican joint Cadillac Bar & Grill, and one more still-unconfirmed tenant are all on their way, with the former three opening by the end of the spring. The Market will be spreading its wings, too, with two smaller spinoffs destined for Polk Street in the summer and SOMA's new Lumina building next winter.

The Market

1355 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 767-5130