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Beretta/Super Duper/Delarosa Empire-Builder Snags Cafe des Amis Space

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Adriano Paganini is at it again, this time in Cow Hollow.


Adriano Paganini can't stop, won't stop. After a very busy 2014, in which he continued to expand Super Duper Burgers, opened up Uno Dos Tacos, and secured a prime Yerba Buena Lane location for a second Delarosa, the mega-prolific restaurateur has once again walked away with a prized space. This time, he's snapped up the shuttered Cafe des Amis on Union, which comes complete with a pricey existing renovation and full liquor, to transform it into the latest entry in an empire that also includes Beretta, Starbelly, Pesce, and Lolinda.

Though he's staying tight-lipped about what, exactly, he plans to do with his new prize, Paganini says it'll be in line with the casual vibe he's established at his other restaurants, which a rep describes as "special, exciting, yet unpretentious." They'll announce further plans after they take possession on February 1, and they don't appear to be planning too many changes to the space, as the opening target is late spring or early summer. Stay tuned.

Cafe des Amis

2000 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 415 563 7700 Visit Website