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Traci Des Jardins Crowned Queen of the Presidio, Adds Third Dining Concept

The Transit Café will become part of Des Jardins' culinary fiefdom.

Presidio Transit Center Café
Presidio Transit Center Café
Mark Luthringer

All hail Traci Des Jardins, Queen of the Presidio, as she announces plans to open her third dining concept in the heart of San Francisco's massive park and former military base. Inside Scoop reports that the new spot will take over the space previously occupied by The Transit Café (and the former site of La Terrasse). The currently-unnamed venture aims to fulfill Presidio commuters' needs with a TDJ twist, offering a more extensive menu, coffee and "grab n' go food and goods."

This will be Des Jardins' and Bon Appetit Management Company's third culinary partnership in less than two years with the Presidio Trust (the federal agency that manages the park's operations). They appear to be happy with her work, and for good reason: her other two restaurants, The Commissary and Arguello, opened last year to critical acclaim, including Esquire Best New Restaurant status for The Commissary and a fairly warm review of Arguello from Bauer.

The Transit Cafe is already undergoing its reboot, and in the meantime, hungry Presidians, tourists and passersby can snag coffee, pastries and lunch from the appropriately named "The Transition," a food truck that will be picking up the snack slack. The truck will be open Monday-Friday from 7am-2:30pm, serving light breakfast items in the morning and offering sandwiches, salads, burgers and desserts at lunch. No word yet on when the new concept might open.

The Commissary

101 Montgomery Street, , CA 94129 (415) 561-3600 Visit Website

Transit Cafe

215 Lincoln Boulevard, , CA 94129 (415) 561-4435 Visit Website

Arguello Restaurant

50 Moraga Ave., San Francisco, CA (415) 561-3650