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The Republic Appears to Have Shuttered in the Marina

After five years, the sports bar on Scott seems to have reached the end.

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While there's no official word on what's going on, it appears that five-year-old Marina sports bar The Republic has gone the way of the dodo. Multiple Marina tipsters have told Eater that the bar has been dark the past several nights at times when it's supposed to be open, and though there's no signage or online farewells to explain the closure, there are definitely some angry Yelpers, including one who made reservations only to find the bar closed with the lights off, but the doors unlocked. The bar's phone isn't disconnected, but their voicemail box is completely full.

Upon opening in 2009, The Republic pitched itself as a local/sustainable alternative to the Marina's many party bars, complete with a craft beer-heavy menu and plenty of big-screens. As the years wore on, however, they acquired an increasingly bro-y reputation, and the offerings shifted accordingly. Add in some rundown furniture and service issues, and you have the makings of a bar on the decline. If anyone knows what's going on with The Republic, please do share via the tipline.

The Republic

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