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After Just Ten Months, Charles Phan Is Shuttering The Coachman

The British-inspired SOMA restaurant never caught on.

Patricia Chang

After nine months of dire reviews and empty seats, Charles Phan has decided to call it a day at The Coachman, his British-inspired revamp of the former Heaven's Dog space. As Inside Scoop reports, the restaurant is closing due to lack of business, and tonight will be its final night on Earth. After getting slammed by both Bauer and Sens, Phan tried to bolster The Coachman with a more robust lunch offering and a beefed-up bar program, but neither strategy was able to save it.

The shutter is the latest in a series of struggles for Phan, whose 2014 news included closing his Wo Hing General Store in the Mission after only a year and a halfshuttering The Moss Room and getting bumped from the food program at the California Academy of Sciences, and completely revamping the menu at South at SFJAZZ in an attempt to save that concept. (Thankfully, he has California's highest-grossing restaurant, The Slanted Door, bolstering his bottom line.) It's unclear at the moment whether Phan will hold onto the space for yet another concept revamp in the growing Mid-Market corridor (a second Out the Door seems like it would do well in the neighborhood), but in any case, this should put a pin in that whole burgeoning revival of Bay Area British food.

The Coachman

1148 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 415-813-1701