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Sprig Introduces Amazon Prime-Style Unlimited Delivery For Meals

They're also delivering 12 hours a day in SF, and launching in Palo Alto.


While local delivery app Sprig has only been around for a little over a year, they've gotten a lot of attention for their affordable food-delivery offerings, including guest stints from top local chefs. Now CEO Gagan Biyani is unveiling an Amazon Prime-style plan called Sprig Go, allowing avid Sprig customers to pay a monthly fee for unlimited meal deliveries. For $10/month, customers can have as many of Sprig's $10 meals delivered as they can handle, sidestepping the standard $2 delivery fee. As an added benefit, Sprig Go subscribers won't have to pay the "dynamic delivery" fees (a.k.a. surge pricing) that the company introduced last fall, which can get as high as $4-6 per order. Considering 60 percent of Sprig users order meals more than once a month, that's a strong incentive for joining up.

Sprig isn't actually the first meal-delivery service to offer a Prime-style all-you-can-order package: one of their local competitors, Munchery, charges $39 for a full year of deliveries with no extra cost. Unlike Sprig, however, their meals vary in price.

Peninsula dwellers looking to sample Sprig are also in luck—the delivery service has plans to expand southward to the Peninsula, starting with nightly dinner service in Palo Alto (4-10 pm). City-dwellers will be able to order more often, too, as the company is moving to a 12/7 schedule in SF—that's 10 am-10 pm, every day of the week. They're also set to add weekend brunch offerings later this month, for all the agoraphobes and hangover victims out there.