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Here's the Legal Judgment in the California Foie Gras Decision

For all you law nerds out there.

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For you legal eagles out there, here's the full text of the judgment that invalidated California's ban on restaurants selling foie gras. Essentially, Judge Stephen Wilson of the U.S. District Court for California's Central District ruled in favor of a coalition of foie producers and restaurateurs, granting their motion for partial summary judgment and saying that California's foie gras ban, implemented in 2012, is trumped by the federal Poultry Products Inspections Act when it comes to regulating the sale and distribution of foie gras. As a result, California Health and Safety Code §25982, which specifically says that a product cannot be sold if it is the result of force-feeding a liver "for the purpose of enlarging it beyond normal size", is no longer valid, and foie gras can be sold in California as of today.

Here's the full opinion:

Foie Gras brief