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Six Places to Eat Foie Gras in the Bay Area TONIGHT

Get your foie fix at one of these restaurants, stat.

La Toque
La Toque
La Toque

Right now chefs are celebrating in kitchens across the state, rejoicing at the decision to allow the sale of foie gras in California. And because it was only illegal to sell foie gras, not possess it, most fine dining establishments have a secret stash on hand— which means there will be foie gras on the menu in SF as soon as tonight. Here are four places to eat the previously-rare delicary ASAP:

Ken Frank of La Toque was a vocal opponent of the ban and key player in the lawsuits leading up to today's decision. He's already declared that foie will be back on the menu, starting this evening.

At Dirty Habit, chef David Bazirgan is offering a special four-course tasting menu for $60 and optional wine pairings for $35. Dishes include oysters poached in foie gras fat and seared foie gras with aged ribeye and black truffles.

For a treat from a French restaurant that knows its way around a lobe of liver, Jardiniere will be serving a foie gras terrine with quince conserva and brioche toast.

4505 Meats has already managed to whip up a batch of foie gras boudin blanc. They'll also be serving up foie gras poutine at 4505 Burgers and BBQ.

And Les Clos is getting in on the act with their foie gras torchon, served with prunes, apple, pickled chanterelle and manzanilla gelée.

For those who like to end the meal with a bang, Californios is serving up scoops of salted caramel foie gras ice cream with tortilla crumble and poached apples.

4505 Burgers & BBQ

705 Divisadero Street, , CA 94117 (415) 231-6993 Visit Website

Dirty Habit

12 4th Street, , CA 94103 (415) 348-1555 Visit Website


300 Grove Street, , CA 94102 (415) 861-5555 Visit Website

La Toque

1314 McKinstry Street, , CA 94559 (707) 257-5157 Visit Website