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Dime Bag Takes Down Gestalt After Four-Month ABC Sting

Months of undercover work revealed an employee of the Mission bar was selling marijuana.


Though a legal pot dispensary is quite literally a five-minute walk away from Mission bar Gestalt Haus, an enterprising employee apparently wanted to keep customers on their barstools—and cost the bar a month of service in the process. As the Chron reports, the California ABC (a.k.a. the liquor-license overlords) has yanked Gestalt's liquor license for a month, and put the bar on probation for another two years, after an undercover inspector busted an employee for vending ganja.

But while said employee was unquestionably boneheaded for selling pot at his place of employment, special bonehead commendation should also be given to the ABC, which engaged in a four-month undercover sting before finally busting Gestalt over selling a dime bag. It's not the first time the agency has thrown government resources to the wind to get a Bay Area spot shut down for pot; they spent eight weeks trying to pull off a similar bust at Lagunitas back in 2006. And who could forget the whole infusions scandal of 2010? In any case, the bar will be shuttered until February, giving fans of beer, sausages, and pinball plenty of time to get their recommendations re-upped.

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