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Trick Dog Launches Hokey, Hilarious New Chinese Restaurant Menu

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They're also using a secret code to give away free drinks to random patrons.

Yes, those characters spell out "Trick Dog."
Yes, those characters spell out "Trick Dog."

Trick Dog has officially passed the two-year mark, and as is standard for the ambitious Mission cocktail bar from The Bon Vivants, that means it's time for another six-month menu reset. Following the Pantone color wheel, record albumZodiac wheel, and SF tourist map, the latest theme is Chinese restaurant, complete with a garish Photoshopped menu that would put most Sunset joints to shame. The names of the 12 new cocktails are written in Chinese characters, but the descriptions are in English, so you'll be able to order the Douglas fir-and-cranberry Sheng danshu (Christmas Tree) or the fruity, bourbon-based Da maijia (Big Seller) by number. As a bonus, there are also some new menu "combos" for $35, like a quartet of Tecates and tequila shots and a plate of "manimal" fries, or a steak frites with a glass of Cabernet and a shot of Amaro Montenegro. Housemade takes on Fireball and a SoCo and lime are also available as shots.

On the food side, the classic dishes (kale salad, thrice-cooked fries, the Trick Dog burger) remain, alongside some new creations, like an Asian-style ceviche with yuzu kosho, garlicky shrimp noodles, and sauteed baby bok choy. In terms of decor additions, diners can expect Chinese characters spelling out "Trick Dog" on the door (see above) and Chinese-themed coasters. Be sure to pay attention to the latter, as some of them are redeemable for a free drink (they say "Have a drink on us" on the back). Oh, and you'll get a fortune cookie with your bill, containing such highly accurate prognostications as "You will leave here drunker and poorer than when you arrived" and "You're fucked."

Here are the new menus in all their glory (click to blow 'em up):

Trick Dog

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