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Renting Laws Your Landlord Doesn't Want You to Know; Drone Photos Snapped from the Future Tip of SF's Tallest Tower; How to Sleep in a Closet

The week's best real estate and neighborhood news from our sister site, Curbed SF.

Patricia Chang

HAYES VALLEY—Here's how one SF renter turned her walk-in closet into the world's smallest one-bedroom. Hint: It involves a custom mattress.

SAN FRANCISCO—Here now, six renting laws your landlord probably doesn't want you to know about.

SoMa—We couldn't wait for the Salesforce Tower to be constructed to check out the view from the top, so we flew a drone up there to scope it out.

SAN FRANCISCO AND LOS ANGELES—Tired of runaway rents and $13 eggs, three San Franciscans explain why they gave up and moved to LA.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Unfortunately for the occupant, the arson at the Mrs. Doubtfire house this week was totally foreshadowed by the movie.

RUSSIAN HILL—SF's second-most-famous octagon house showed up on Craigslist seeking $10,000/month, which is only $1,250 per vertex.

CIVIC CENTER—After critics noticed that Snøhetta and SCB's new tower design for Market and Van Ness appears to have a mouth, people have been rushing to put words in it.

BAY AREA—Call for entries! For our new home tours series House Calls, we're seeking volunteers with offbeat, curious, or just refreshingly cozy dwellings to invite us into their homes for a tour and a photo shoot.