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Daniel Patterson Group Buys 87-Year-Old Alfred's Steakhouse

… with the intent to preserve its character.

Alfred's Steakhouse/Yelp

A city staple since 1928, Alfred’s Steakhouse is now being ushered into the city’s modern restaurant era. Mini city mogul Daniel Patterson, whose restaurant group includes Coi, Alta CA, Aster and more, has purchased the old-school steak-and-potatoes spot, but assures that much will stay the same, Inside Scoop reported. The restaurant as you now know it will close after a final hurrah on New Year’s Eve, with a quick renovation to follow and reopen planned for February. What will change: a new carpet, touched-up wood paneling, barrel-aged cocktails on the drink menu and upgraded food from chef Charlie Parker (Haven). The formatting of the menu will stay the same, but Parker will pay special attention to applying the Patterson Cal-cuisine filter to the vegetables section.

Doesn’t seem like much, right? That’s the point, Daniel Patterson Group director of operations Ron Boyd told Eater. "As the Petri family bought it from Alfredo [Bacchini] back in 1973 and made their changes and kept their following and that tradition alive, we’re looking to do the same thing," he said. For those who don’t know the restaurant has been sold, they still won’t. "That’s the point," Boyd said. Boyd was the main driver behind the buy-out, as he has been dining there once a month for years, and he is dedicated to keeping essential details like serving martinis in the shaker tableside.

"I heard that they’d be interested in changing hands, so I jumped on the opportunity being somewhat attached to it and wanting to see it be preserved," he said. "It’s kind of like a San Francisco landmark, and if no one else is going to treat it that way, I felt like I had an obligation of sorts being a native and loving it so much and being able to."

The Petri family has owned Alfred’s for 22 years and had no plans to sell the restaurant, but after being approached by DPG and a year of negotiations, they were comfortable with the idea of selling. "What I liked about Daniel is that he wanted to continue the use of the name of Alfred’s," patriarch Al Petri said. "That was a feel-good position for me: That it will continue to go on, without my headaches." If you want to visit Alfred’s in its current form, make sure you head there before December 31.