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Halal Guys Moving Into Old Le Regal Space in Berkeley

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They’re already hiring employees.

The East Village location of The Halal Guys in New York City.
The East Village location of The Halal Guys in New York City.
Halal Guys/Facebook

If you’re at all familiar with New York City street food, then you’ve heard of The Halal Guys, the famous cart on 55th Street that garners lines down the block at all hours of the day for its street meat slathered in the famed white and spicy red hot sauces. It was reported back in February that the Guys are opening a Bay Area location, and now word is out where it’ll land: the old Le Regal space in Berkeley at 2126 Center St., Inside Scoop reported. It’s the latest franchise in a string of locations planned across the country, the closest of which opened in Costa Mesa in September. According to Berkeleyside, the store is currently in the design phase. There’s no timeline yet for the store, though it is actively hiring, which means it could be pretty soon. Stay tuned for updates.

The Halal Guys

2126 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA

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