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Amid Drought Concerns, Fort Bragg Restaurants Forced To Use Disposable Dishes

And restaurants are not happy about it.

Paper plates are coming your way, Fort Bragg.
Paper plates are coming your way, Fort Bragg.

The city of Fort Bragg has taken to extreme measures to fight the drought. Following extremely low levels of the nearby Noyo River, which serves as a primary source of drinking water, the town declared a Stage 3 water emergency after ocean water began leaching into municipal pipes. Part of the emergency order requires business to cut water use by 30 percent, and one of those ways is by using disposable plates, cups and flatware. Restaurants will also only be able to serve customers water when they ask for it and must reduce the laundering of tablecloths, napkins, sheets and towels, SF Gate reported.

To say the least, restaurants in the town are strongly objecting. One restauratuer, Jim Hurst of Silvers at the Wharf and Point Noyo, told SF Gate, “You might be able to cut a filet mignon with a plastic knife, but you are not going to cut a New York. The expense is going to be horrendous, I would expect.” Hurst and others are protesting so loudly that the council may consider loosening the restrictions. As it stands now, though, that New York steak will have to deal with airplane-style flatware.