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Kit Fox's Vegan Menu Is Like an All-Star List of Sandwich Favorites

The sandwiches are takes on traditionally meaty mains.

The Hall
The Hall
Patricia Chang

While we wait patiently for the all-vegan Citizen Fox to make its debut, chef Kevin Schuder is throwing us a bone with Kit Fox, a casual vegan sandwich shop opening Thursday, October 8 in The Hall. Schuder (AQ, Millennium) intends Kit Fox to function as Citizen Fox’s little sister with its all-day menu of greatest hit sandwiches like a French dip, Reuben, banh mi and caprese in vegan form, meaning that French dip and Reuben are made with seitan and the banh mi is with tempeh and portobello mushroom. Take a look at the full menu below in all its vegetable, soy, wheat glory.