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Evergreen Cafe in Chinatown Shut Down for Cockroach Infestation

Among ten other food safety violations.

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Justin S./Yelp

Chinatown’s Evergreen Cafe has been shut down by the Department of Public Health for a serious cockroach infestation. A notice posted on the door said Evergreen cafe has "serious or repeated violations, or interference, California Retail Food Code, Section 114411," that can cause disease transmission, among other things, Hoodline reported. Health inspector Adaku Ude specified that the food-prep area had a roach infestation. "They had outstanding violations that led to immediate closure," she said. "When they are ready to open again, we will revisit the restaurant, and if they clean up, they can reopen."

The closure follows Yelp’s recent addition of pop-up notices informing users when a restaurant’s food safety score is in the bottom five percent. Evergreen Cafe’s most recent inspection scored at 54 out of 100 with 11 violations, causing a pop-up to appear.

Evergreen Cafe

Photo: Justin S./Yelp

Other violations include inadequate and inaccessible handwashing facilities, unclean hands or improper use of gloves, high risk vermin infestation, unclean or unsanitary food contact surfaces, contaminated or adulterated food, improper storage use or identification of toxic substances, foods not protected from contamination, wiping cloths not clean or properly stored or inadequate sanitizer, improper or defective plumbing, unclean or degraded floors walls or ceilings and inadequate ventilation or lighting. To be determined if Evergreen Cafe cleans up its act and reopens.

Evergreen Cafe

645 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94111 (415) 362-3198

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