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Where to Eat at Oakland International Airport [OAK]

Freshly updated for your summer travel needs


The obvious underdog of Bay Area international airports, OAK is coming into its own with regards to meal options. In time for the upcoming travel season, here’s an updated guide to the dining options at OAK, many of which will be recognizable to those who’ve flown through SFO.

There are also some iconically Oakland options, though, including outposts of Heinold’s, Fenton’s, and the last remaining Pyramid Taproom. Here’s your back-pocket guide for the next time you’re terminal-bound.


Escape Lounge: This fee-based lounge may seem like a high price to pay upon entry ($40), but with unlimited drinks and food from chef Chris Pastena (Lungomare, Calavera, Chop Bar), plus Wifi, newspapers, and magazines it becomes a good place to while away extra time. [Near Gate 8]

Heinold's First and Last Chance: The original Heinold's watering hole was built in 1880 from "the timbers of an old whaling ship." OAK's outpost of the historic bar may not boast the same architectural pizzazz, but like the original, it offers strong drinks and local flavor. [Terminal 1, pre-security]

Fenton's: Like Heinold's, Fenton's has a long history in the Bay Area: the first creamery opened in 1894, when milk was still being delivered by horse-drawn carriage. OAK's scoop shop serves a rotating selection of flavors, like Swedish milk chocolate and coffee cookie dream, plus some savory options as well. [Terminal 2, Gate 25]

Pyramid Ale Taproom: With beer and bites aplenty, the Pyramid Ale Taproom is worthy of your pre-boarding time. Brewhounds can take comfort in the Taproom's selection of Pyramid ales (including the signature Apricot Wheat). The Taproom also provides seasonal food, beer offerings from the local Anchor Brewing Company, and housemade potato chips. [Terminal 2, Gate 24]

Andalé: Recognizable to visitors of SFO and the Westfield mall, this mini-chain offers made-to-order, "fresh" Mexican food, healthy options, daily specials, real margaritas, and other cocktails. They also have a breakfast burrito and other morning options if you've got an early flight. [Terminal 2, Gate 28]

Silver Dragon: The original Silver Dragon was established in 1956 in Oakland's Chinatown; though it's since closed, its owners still maintain this satellite. There's a small menu of Chinese and Korean fare, and frequent diners salute the beef chow fun and the ying yang rice. [Terminal 1, Gate 9]


For a Quick Meal

Chili's Too: Grab-and-go American "classics." [Near Gate 6]

Heinold's First and Last Chance: This iconic bar has a few snacks (including morning oatmeal), and their beers and cocktails will lessen the sting of a cross-country flight. [Pre-security]

Starbucks: Coffee beverages, smoothies, pastries, and pre-packaged meal items. [Near Gates 4 and 9A]

For a Leisurely Meal

8 Bar: Small plates, a full bar, and cocktails. [Near Gate 9A]

Silver Dragon: Chinese and Korean dishes. [Near Gate 9]

Escape Lounge: Fee-based lounge with unlimited food, drink, and Wifi from chef Chris Pastena (Lungomare, Calavera). [Near Gate 8]


For a Quick Meal

Andalé: Mexican food and a full bar. [Near Gate 28]

Auntie Anne's Pretzels: Soft pretzels in a variety of flavors. [Near Gate 26]

Burger King: Home of the Whopper (and chicken fries). [Food Court near Gate 25]

California Pizza Kitchen: This CPK has a limited amount of offerings compared to their other restaurants, and high prices, but the half-sandwich and soup combo can be a life-saver during the lunch hour. They also have gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian options. [Near Gate 28]

Fenton's: Rotating selection of handmade ice creams, and a few savory options. [Food Court near Gate 25]

Firewood Café: Thin-crust pizzas, sandwiches, gourmet salads. [Near Gate 23]

Gordon Biersch: American pub grub (including those famous garlic fries) and microbrewed beers. [Near Gate 29]

Jamba Juice: Smoothies of all types. [Food Court near Gate 25]

Max's Eatz: Sandwiches, salads, entrees, desserts, and barbecue items. [Food Court near Gate 28]

Peet's Coffee and Tea: The airport outposts of this coffee chain offer all the basics: coffee and tea, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and bottled beverages. [Near Gates 23 and 28]

Starbucks: Coffee beverages, smoothies, pastries, and pre-packaged meal items. [Near Gates 22 and 26]

Subway: Subs, chips, cookies, and soup. Your footlong will probably not be five dollars, though. [Food Court Near Gate 25]

Training Grounds: Coffee beverages, pastries, sandwiches, and other small food items. [Pre-security]

For a Leisurely Meal

Pyramid Ale Taproom: Pyramid-brewed beers and pub food. [Near Gate 24]

Vino Volo: The best place for a glass of wine in the airport, Vino Volo also has free wi-fi and delicious little bites like pork tacos and smoked salmon rolls. [Between Gates 25 and 26]

Deciding between flights out of OAK or SFO? Check out the dining options across the bay here.

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