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Grand Fare Market Has Closed After Less Than Two Months in Oakland

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The combination oyster bar, market, café and park couldn’t sustain itself financially.

Patricia Chang

Oakland residents were shocked on Saturday to see that Grand Fare Market, the long-coming, massive combination oyster bar, market, café and park had suddenly closed. “I had been there on Friday at lunchtime, and business looked to be good (not great, but no one on Grand Ave. is really busy at lunch) and the overall vibe was very positive,” a tipster wrote Eater. Then, on Saturday, a sign posted in the window and on the website simply read, “Grand Fare Market will be closed until further notice.” Owners Doug Washington and Freya Prowe expanded in a statement through a publicist to Eater that blamed operation costs as “simply too much” to keep it going. It was a very sudden closure for the ambitious project that as recently as last week was promoting Thanksgiving fare on Twitter and its website. Washington and Prowe plan to rework the concept in the new year, though details and a timeframe are unclear.

Grand Fare

3265 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 291-4983 Visit Website