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Original Tacolicious Moving Two Blocks Down Chestnut

It’ll be a bigger and brighter space.

Zha L./Yelp

The original Tacolicious is pretty tiny and pretty dark, something owner Joe Hargrave is well aware of. "Chestnut has problems. There’s no prep kitchen, there’s no second bathroom, it’s dark. It’s a very cumbersome, crowded space," Hargrave told Eater. And — perhaps the biggest factor of all — "it’s a really fucked lease in every way," Hargrave said. He’s been paying "way over market" for the space for the last five years, and the lease said the liquor license had to stay with the location. So Tacolicious rode it out, while Hargrave quietly looked for a new space, which he recently found just two blocks away at 2250 Chestnut St. (as well as securing a new liquor license). The OG Tacolicious will be relocating to the new building by June 1.

"The building has gorgeous period construction with tons of glass and light. The bar’s going to be in the middle of the room, horseshoe-shaped. It should have 75 seats when we’re done, which is about 20 more than the one now," he said. "It'll be nice to have a nice, clean, beautiful stylish restaurant on that side of town. Valencia’s our favorite buildout, and now we can make Chestnut our favorite buildout." There won’t be any time lapse between the two, so the current location will still operate until the the new one is ready.


2250 Chestnut Street, , CA 94123 (415) 649-6077