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Lucky Penny Will Close on Christmas Eve, With Mixed Use Development to Follow

Another so-San Francisco story.

A rendering of the building.
A rendering of the building.
RG Architecture

Lucky Penny has been Laurel Heights' go-to for 24-hour diner food (and one of the city's iconic greasy spoonsfor the last 20 years . Until tomorrow, that is, when it will unceremoniously close and be torn down to become a seven-story "multi-use" building. The building will have three floors of housing, three floors of office space, 11,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor and two levels of underground parking. It’s the last piece of news to cap a year of long-time restaurant closures making room for yet more upscale development.

RG Architecture is behind the project, which you can see a rendering of above, and told Hoodline that, "We continue to work on the building and have had positive meetings with the Planning Department and with interested neighbors and merchants in the area." The firm will then incorporate feedback into the design and present the plans to the Planning Commission next fall for approvals.

The demise of Lucky Penny is part of the changing landscape of San Francisco, wherein dives and icons alike find themselves on the chopping block. The same end draws near for the standalone Taco Bell/KFC at 2101 Lombard St. in the Marina, which will also become a mixed-use building with housing, ground floor retail space and an underground garage.