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The Most Read Stories of 2015

From internet justice to Anthony Bourdain, these are the stories that grabbed San Francisco's attention in 2015.

Local Chinese Restaurant Calls Out Dishonest Yelper With Surveillance Footage

Yelpers continue to find themselves on restaurateurs' bad sides, but Dan W.'s fake Yelp review at Wonderful Restaurant in Milbrae put him at the center of a controversy. The Yelper claimed he was given poor service because of what he was wearing, though the restaurant's surveillance cam shows that he didn't even bother to put his name on the waiting list before showing himself the door. He got outed online, and readers couldn't get enough of Wonderful Restaurant's vigilante justice.

Breaking: Foie Gras Is Legal in California Right Now; Anti-Foie Ban Invalidated

Love it or hate it, foie gras is now legal in California once more. The ban was invalidated after a judge ruled that foie gras imported from outside of California was, in fact, legal to serve in restaurants. In the end, it all came down to the federal Poultry Products Inspections Act (you've heard of that, right?). Regardless, chefs rejoiced and raced to put it back on the menu, while animal rights activists vowed to fight it.

25 Classic Restaurants Every San Franciscan Must Try

From Chez Panisse to House of Prime Rib, these 25 classic restaurants never lose their charm. This list has something for everyone, whether it's an ice cream sundae at Fenton's Creamery or a beer at Red's Java House, there is something for locals and visitors alike.

Everywhere Anthony Bourdain Eats in San Francisco 'Parts Unknown'

San Franciscans had a field day following Anthony Bourdain's movements as he filmed his show 'Parts Unknown' around the Bay Area. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on where he went (or should have gone).

California Restaurants and Bars Now Prohibited From Serving Water Sans Request

It's common knowledge that California is in the midst of a crippling drought. Still, everyone got weird when they found out that the state would put restrictions on serving water to restaurant patrons. It's only one of many measures taken to counteract the dry scourge, but it effects everyone who eats out, statewide.

13 Posh Places For Afternoon Tea in San Francisco

There are plenty of places to snag a mug of good tea in this city, but lovers of pomp and circumstance really got down with this list of 13 afternoon tea spots. From the luxe to the more pedestrian, there's a tea service to tickle everyone's fancy.

Richie Nakano Fired, Entire Staff Let Go in Hapa Ramen Shocker

It was 2015's big controversy: food vs tech. The industry folk and patrons watched it all go down, as Richie Nakano left his own restaurant (as well as the Hapa Ramen brand) behind. Sides were taken and a hashtag (#freehapa) emerged.

Chefs Pick Their 11 Favorite San Francisco Burgers

At the end of the day, chefs of all stripes know the best place to grab a burger. Juicy burgers from Marlowe, Super Duper, Spruce and more made the list from chefs who know their patties.

Epic San Francisco Sandwiches To Eat Before You Die

So many sandwiches, so little time. This all-encompassing map charted a sandwich lover's path throughout the city. From grilled cheeses to fried chicken to pulled pork, these sandwiches are all at the top of their game.

Starbucks Plans to Close All 23 La Boulange Locations

When Starbucks announced plans to shutter all of the city's beloved La Boulanges, San Franciscans took it hard. Despite the fact that it was a chain, it was a chain that started and found its following in the neighborhoods of San Francisco. Though founder Pascal Rigo has since bought back six of the locations and renamed them, it still stings.

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