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SF Dining Experts Share Headline Predictions for 2016

What kind of attention-grabbing news will we see in the new year?

Taco Bell Cantina SF
Taco Bell Cantina SF
Patricia Chang

Paolo Lucchesi, food editor of the SF Chronicle

Peet's buys La Boulangerie
Port of San Francisco discovers that Sinbad's is, somehow, still open
Danny Meyer elected president of United States.

Rebecca Flint Marx, San Francisco Magazine food editor

The Dirty Business of Clean Food: A 12-Part Investigation
Why the $42 Entree is the New $30 Entree. Eat Up!

Daisy Barringer, Eater SF and Thrillist SF contributor

Taco Bell FINALLY gets its liquor license!

Peter Kane, SF Weekly food critic

$30 Now Floor, Not Ceiling, for Roast Chicken
Impending Drying-Up of V.C. Money Exerts Peculiar Influence on Bay Area Dining
Food Hall/Upscale Market Trend Not Going Anywhere
Bernie Sanders Tries Beef Tendon Escabeche at S.F. Fundraiser. 'Not Bad, Not Bad,' Says Grimacing Senator

Allie Pape, Hoodline editor, former Eater SF editor

Valley Fair Parking, Line Spots For Din Tai Fung Going For $50+ On Craigslist
Celebrity Chef Influx: Big Non-Local Chefs (Especially From NYC) Snap Up Spots In Fancy New Condo Buildings
Lines Out The Door On Opening Morning At SF's First Dunkin' Donuts
Angry Chef Sues Corey Lee Over Botched In Situ 'Homage' Dish
Ghirardelli Square: The Restaurant Hotspot No One Saw Coming
[AB InBev/MillerCoors/Constellation] Buys 21st Amendment For Insane Price Tag
Shake Shack Plots First Three Bay Area Outlets; Super Duper Running Scared

Eloise Porter, Eater SF contributor

LocoL opens and starts making a real impact on the Tenderloin.
A cocktail bar opens in the vein of Chicago's Aviary that turns cocktails into an elaborate coursed menu.
Some standby restaurant closes over skyrocketing rent prices.

The Dapper Diner, blogger

Last SF Dive Bar Closes, Replaced by Dive Bar Themed Cocktail Bar
Queen Bestows Knighthoods on 'Lord' Restaurants in San Francisco
Confused Restaurant Group Goes Topless Instead of Tipless
Chef Shuffle: Keystone Gets Ninth Chef
Thomas Keller Accidentally Killed by Daniel Boulud in Bocuse D'Or Charity Gladiator Match
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016: The Year Filipino Food Finally Gains Traction!

Marcia Gagliardi, Tablehopper

San Francisco Bagel Wins National Bagel Throwdown.
50 Ways Tartine's Manufactory Will Blow Your Carb-Loving Mind
It's Time to Say ‘Ni Hao/Neih Hou' to Chinatown
Hayes Valley Boss Ladies: A Closer Look at the Neighborhood's Female Chef-Owner Gang

Luke Tsai, East Bay Express restaurant critic

Taiwanese Breakfast Is All the Rage.
Stinky Tofu Finds a Home in Oakland.
(These are just things on my wish list, but I figure maybe I can speak them into existence!)

Noelle Chun, Eater SF contributor

Meet the New 'New American'
Why everyone is drinking blended drinks in San Francisco
Hawaiian food continues to trend in San Francisco
Signs of bubble finally bursting with ramen prices back at $1.50 a pack (dek: 2 for $2 with CVS card)

Jay Barmann, SFist editor

San Francisco Sous Chef Commutes From Fresno, Because: Housing
San Francisco Sous Chef Moonlights As Uber Driver, Has Nine Roommates

Stefanie Tuder, senior editor, Eater SF

The Slanted Door, San Francisco's Most Profitable Restaurant, Shutters After Massive Rent Hike
Secret Pop-Up Restaurant Pops-Up Within Another Pop-Up
Every Single Food Magazine Declares San Francisco's Undiscovered Dining Scene the Nation's Best

Ellen Fort, editor, Eater SF

Former Bay Area Diners Telecommute to Dinner in SF from Fresno Homes
Fine Dining Takes a Hit as Casual Takes Over City
Bon Appetit Magazine Abandons New York, Opens San Francisco Headquarters