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Some Shady Stuff Going On At Former Fizzary Space

We’re talking an alleged illegal gambling den and gasoline generators.


So the space where the Fizzary used to exist is allegedly now the site of an illegal gambling den. Where there was a shooting in October. Where police obtained five illegal gambling machines, hundreds of bottles of alcohol, documents showing illegal alcohol sales, two broken locks and a passport from the illicit nightclub, an affidavit of the incident said. No big deal.

And now Taylor Peck, Fizzary's owner, who is the true tenant and subleased the space (with the landlord's permission) under false pretenses to the new subtenants, is resorting to graffitiing the front of the store to get the police’s attention. "I’m in a really frustrating situation and this was a last ditch effort to get some assistance/attention," he said. He painted "illegal club" and "dangerous" in multiple spots around the front of the space. According to Peck, the tenants are still engaging in the illegal activities, and now also operating gasoline generators inside the building for power (which is a carbon monoxide threat) after blowing fuses. Peck tried to involve the police, who shut down the party one night, but he said he would have to do that every time a party was happening. No details yet on what is preventing Peck from evicting the subtenants; stay tuned.

The Fizzary

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