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Only One Bay Area Nightclub Made the List of America's Top Grossers

We got schooled by San Diego, Dallas, and even Scottsdale, Arizona.


If you're looking to make a bunch of money in the nightclub industry, San Francisco is probably not the city for you. Nightclub & Bar magazine released their annual Top 100 list of the highest-grossing American nightclubs yesterday, and only one Bay Area club made the cut: Temple Nightclub, which clocked in at a respectable #24, with estimated annual revenues of $10-15 million. Obviously, Vegas and Miami dominated the list, with nine of the top ten slots, but SF doesn't even hold a candle to San Diego (with seven spots on the list), Dallas (7), Boston (4), or Scottsdale, Arizona (3).

But while SF may lack clubbing cred, Temple appears to have only benefited from its recent renovation, which added a cafe, recording studio, and co-working space to the mix. The refreshed club now features an improved sound system, not to mention some sweet LED lighting powered by patrons' dance moves. And hey, Tom Cruise's kid did a DJ set there this weekend! That happened. One additional player that could probably do well in SF's club game if they felt like it: Hakkasan, which has no clubbing component at its SF location, but manages to bring in over $100 million in Vegas, making it #2 on the list.

Temple Nightclub

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