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Umami Burger's $8 Truffle Burger Will Heal Your February-Battered Soul

Treat. Yo. Self.

April may get all the cruelty press, but can we agree that February is actually the cruelest month? Even though SF may not have to deal with horrible snow and ice, we still have the usual pile-on of work stress, short days, and no vacations or holidays in sight, not to mention Valentine's Day making life worse for those of us who aren't coupled up (and ruining the Saturday-night dining scene).

Enter Umami Burger, which is encouraging the hard-pressed and heartbroken to "treat yo self" with a special on their Truffle Burger, which features truffle cheese, truffled aioli, and a truffle glaze. Normally running $12, it's available for just $8 from February 9-15; you can use the extra cash for a plate of $5.50 truffle fries, topped with still more truffle cheese. They can be found in Cow HollowSouth BeachUptown Oakland, and Palo Alto. May all of our Februaries be improved by truffles.

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