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Locanda Distributing "Locondoms" to Valentine's Day Diners

"Don't be silly, protect your willy."

eater_blacksaturday.0.jpgIt doesn't take a relationship expert to figure out what most post-Valentine's Day couples are planning on getting up to after the dessert course, but restaurants typically prefer to keep that aspect of the evening shrouded in mystery, focusing on soft-focus signifiers like roses and flickering candles. Not so at Mission Italian restaurant Locanda: this Valentine's Day, they'll be giving every patron who comes in for the evening a free "Locondom," because they know what you're going home to do, and they approve.

As their newsletter touts:

Studies suggest that approximately 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine's Day. For those not looking for the added responsibility of offspring, the Locanda team has once again swept in to save the day with Locondoms, for a limited time only!

Get down and dirty like a gladiator, but don't be silly, protect your willy...with Locondoms. #locondoms

While giveaway condoms are de rigueur at many San Francisco nightclubs, they haven't made much of an entry into the fine-dining scene, presumably because rubbers aren't exactly everyone's idea of a first-class accompaniment to a $17 plate of rigatoni carbonara. But we're all for safer sex, especially when old-fashioned flights and bottles of aglianico are involved. If you'd rather keep your V-Day chaste, Locanda's also holding a flower pop-up with Studio Choo on Valentine's afternoon.


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