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Meadowood's Christopher Kostow Exits SFO Lounge

The three-Michelin-starred chef won't be cooking for American Express cardholders any longer.

Christopher Kostow and SFO are parting ways
Christopher Kostow and SFO are parting ways
SFO; Getty Images

Chef Christopher Kostow has parted ways with the Centurion Lounge for American Express cardholders at San Francisco International Airport. Kostow, the three-Michelin-starred chef at Napa's The Restaurant at Meadowood, teamed up with the lounge in November of last year. He aimed to ease the pain of airport eating with unlimited amounts of smoked-chicken breakfast terrine, Straus soft serve with St. Helena olive oil, and other locally sourced deliciousness, indicative of his New Napa Cuisine. But those days are coming to a close. A statement from American Express follows:

While we have enjoyed working with Chef Christopher Kostow for the past couple of years, we have mutually decided to part ways so he can focus on other projects. Chef Kostow continues to be a supporter of American Express and will work with our team in the transition as well as assist us with securing a new chef partner. Our commitment to offering fresh, seasonal cuisine in The Centurion Lounge has not changed, and we look forward to working with other talented chefs at the lounge in San Francisco.

Kostow declined to comment on the reason for the severed ties, but some industry types assume that the differing desires of a Michelin-starred chef and an airport food service provider have something to do with it.

According to an American Express spokesperson reached today, Kostow's menu will be offered until the next chef is determined. Jim Meehan, of New York PDT fame, will continue to create the cocktail menu. Those with Centurion and Platinum cards can enjoy all of the above for free; it's $50 for anyone with your run-of-the-mill AmEx.

The Centurion Lounge San Francisco

Terminal 3, San Francisco, CA 94128