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Watch Riff Raff's Trippy San Francisco Seafood Odyssey

The rapper is bulking up in the Bay—and his signature cocktail involves ranch dressing.

Rapper and all-around ridiculous person Riff Raff has recently announced that he's on a quest to become a WWE wrestler—he's even training with Hulk Hogan to get it done. And after years of booze and cocaine, he's becoming (sort of) healthier, mainlining a diet of seafood, along with the occasional pizza, to help gain the muscle mass he needs. (In his own words: "Some people only want to eat chicken breast and rice, but I can't because it tastes too much not nice.")

Vice's Munchies arm followed him along for a day in San Francisco as he pumped iron at the Westin gym, then took his entourage to the Castro location of Woodhouse Fish Co. for a balls-to-the-wall feast of clam chowder, lobster rolls, and raw oysters topped with every sauce known to man. He also was wildly amused by the make-your-own lemonade with carafes of lemon juice and simple syrup, which he likes better than his usual tipple of "Ranch Punch" (that would be buttermilk ranch dressing over ice).

Woodhouse Fish Co.

2073 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 437-2722 Visit Website

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