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Kim Alter and Daniel Patterson Group Snag Hayes Valley Restaurant Space

Stelline and Las Estrellas are getting the axe.

Ed U./Yelp

Two stars are going out so that a new one can shine: Hayes Valley Italian restaurant Stelline (which had previously said it was just on hiatus) and taqueria Las Estrellas (which has been shuttered for the past few months) are being combined to create a new, still-unnamed collaboration for Kim Alter and the Daniel Patterson Group, for whom she most recently cooked at Plum. As with Brett Cooper's Aster, set to open later this month, it'll be a 50-50 collaboration, with DPG providing logistical support and Alter running the show in the kitchen.

Inside Scoop reports that Alter has just inked the lease on the two prime spaces, and some work will need to be done to combine them into a single, 40-seat restaurant. Unlike Aster, it'll have full liquor and cocktails, with a casual tasting menu format inspired by Paris' Septime, where the five-course set menu runs in the $60 range. (Charlie Parker, who, like Alter, has cooked at the DPG's Plum and Haven in Oakland, recently changed formats to something similar at the latter restaurant.) No word as of yet on when Alter's new restaurant will arrive.


330 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 626-4292