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Berkeley Rapper/Plant-Based God Lil B Shills For Vegenaise With Emoji App

Even though he's not a vegan.

Lil B/Facebook

Berkeley native, hip-hop wunderkind, and Twitter power user Lil B has signed his first corporate partnership deal—but rather than shilling soda or sneakers, he's decided to rep Vegenaise. Berkeleyside reports that Lil B has teamed up with Follow Your Heart, the Los Angeles-based makers of Vegenaise, Vegan Gourmet cheeses and cream cheese, and vegan salad dressings, to create vegEMOJI, a free app that allows users to send vegan-themed emojis (like "GMOs" with a strike through it and a picture of a cow that reads "Cool People Are Kind to Animals") via text or email.

The partnership is all the stranger because Lil B (née Brandon Mccartney) is not himself a vegan, though he tells Berkeleyside that he "respect[s] that lifestyle" and wants to show support for animals. It's not his first foray into emoji apps, either: he has a similar "Basedmoji" offering that allows users to send cartoons of him wearing a crown or with a speech bubble that says "Kool." The vegEMOJI app, however, adds the bonus feature of a Follow Your Heart products locator, as well as jars of Vegenaise wearing sunglasses. Thank you, plant-based god.

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