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Marlowe's Burger Gets Its Own Restaurant in Former SOMA Space

Hungry office workers can hit a burger "pop-up" in Marlowe's former home.

Marlowe at 330 Townsend Street
Marlowe at 330 Townsend Street

When Marlowe recently relocated to their new location on Brannan, their plans included the addition of a "burger window," a takeout operation solely dedicated to their signature burger. But a variety of factors, including a high volume of guests and the irritation of the new subway line construction, have caused Anna Weinberg, Jennifer Puccio, and James Nicholas (also of Park Tavern and The Cavalier) to upgrade their project to a full-fledged space of its own: Marlowe Burger.

Marlowe Burger will reside in the original Marlowe space on Townsend Street, serving burgers by day and offering a private-dining space for evening use. Inside Scoop reports that the impending demolition of the building at 330 Townsend (the impetus for Marlowe's move up the street) has been pushed back a few years, meaning the trio's Big Night Restaurant Group can now extend their remaining lease and give the Marlowe burger some breathing room.

The straightforward menu will feature the eponymous Marlowe burger (Michael Bauer's favorite and generally considered among the city's best), a fried chicken sandwich, Brussels sprouts chips, and fries, along with the possibility of a vegetarian option in the future. There will also be a selection of cookies, brownies and other baked goods from pastry chef Emily Luchetti. Expect it to arrive on April 1st.


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