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Watch "Ira Glass" Interview Cats in a This American Life Cat Cafe Parody

Filmed at Oakland's own Cat Town Cafe.

Public-radio sensation This American Life has interviewed people from all walks of life, but to the best of our knowledge, they've never interviewed a cat. That all changes in this comedic video from Daniel Wolfe and Fawna Xiao, who decided to drop in at Oakland's (and the nation's) very first cat cafe, Cat Town Cafe, for a little radio interview—complete with a microphone that may or may not be full of catnip. The duo told The Bold Italic that they decided to do the video on a whim after Wolfe competed in a costume contest dressed as Ira Glass, for whom he's both a sartorial and vocal ringer. He had more than a little trouble getting his easily distracted subjects to participate, but manages to wrap up his journey with a TAL-like meditation on life: "Aren't we all a little bit like the cats? Drifting in and out of human contact?"

Cat Town Cafe

2869 Broadway, Oakland, CA (510) 891-1100