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Drink Like a Lannister With Blackbird's Secret Menu of Game of Thrones Cocktails

A whole new set of drinks in honor of the upcoming fifth season.

We're a month and change away from the season-five premiere of HBO's smash series Game of Thrones (it returns on April 12), and the Castro's Blackbird is getting aspiring Westerosi ready to drink like Tyrion Lannister by releasing another series of cocktails themed around George R.R. Martin's cast of characters. This year's installment from bartender Matt Grippo features more drinks cleverly named for aspects of the story, from the fluorescent-green Greensight to the Purple Wedding, which features both grape soda and creme de violette. Last year's lineup included the Milk of the Poppy, Mother of Dragons, and Castle Black.

This time around, the GoT menu will only be available by request, so it's something of a secret. (Think of it as a tribute to Lord Varys.) Blackbird is also stocking Ommegang's ongoing series of Game of Thrones-themed beers; the latest, a dark saison called Three-Eyed Raven, will debut in April.

Here's the full menu (all cocktails $10):

  • The Drowned God: white rum, fino sherry, cacao, salt, served up (created by Tim Hagney of Maven)
  • Greensight: Vida mezcal, Aveze, genepy, dry curacao, acid phosphate, served on a rock (pictured below)
  • Broken Stag: James Pepper rye, Gran Lusso vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura bitters, served up with an orange twist
  • Purple Wedding: bourbon, creme de violette, cacao, lemon, chile de arbol, grape soda, served tall
  • The Hound: bourbon, plum, ginger, lemon, served on the rocks
  • The Imp: Zaya rum, Smith & Cross rum, Zucca amaro, creme de noyeux, lemon-tobacco bitters, served on the rocks

Blackbird Bar

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