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SF-Based Restaurant Recommendation App Chefs Feed Scores $4 Million in Funding

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Chefs' favorite dish recommendations, coming to a city near you.

Time for a dinner party: local restaurant-recommendations app Chefs Feed announced this morning that they've scored $4 million in funding, which they're planning to use to expand to more cities, create new content, and debut some still-under-wraps new products.

Founded by brothers and former restaurant PR folks Jared and Steve Rivera, Chefs Feed has been positioning itself as the "anti-Yelp," sourcing dish recommendations directly from a pool of 1,200 chefs across 24 locales, ranging from L.A. to London to Chicago. CEO Rich Maggiotto told the Chron that "the idea is that we focus on the positive, and what's good, that's curated by all the best tastemakers in the culinary world." That strategy appears to be working, as Chefs Feed now boasts an app download count in the millions and content that reaches 50-75 million people each month, including some very rad videos. They also curated the GastroMagic stage at Outside Lands this year.

Of course, the downside to having a chefs-only recommendation service is the inevitable temptation to recommend your friends' work, but Maggiotto thinks the social pressures of not wanting to recommend a bad dish will help stave off any impropriety. The potential upside: chefs might eventually be able to use the app to find out more about what their customers like, and tailor menus that cater to their tastes.

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