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These Are San Francisco's 10 Most Instagrammed Restaurants

The science behind making it to the top of the #instafood pack.


Everywhere you look, there's a face of somebody who needs you is taking photos of food with their phone. This is, after all, San Francisco, where the quality of the comestibles is exceeded only by the desire of those eating them to make all of their friends jealous. The good people of MyFab5 did the legwork by totaling up all of the Instagrams posted at SF restaurants in 2014 to find out which ruled the roost. Here's the top 10, with our analysis as to why they led the pack. (Spoiler: They're all places you'd be more likely to visit by day, because no one likes shooting in a dark restaurant.)

10. The Mill: A 40-heart boast for your $4 toast.

9. Smitten Ice Cream: Liquid nitrogen machines look cool (-321 degrees F worth of cool), especially when they're being used to produce soft-focus mega close-ups of ice cream. Science!

8. Kitchen Story: A cursory glance at this Castro brunch spot's Instagram reveals the presence of bottomless mimosas in 90% of the photos. Drunk 'gramming is occurring.

7. Four Barrel Coffee: Donuts! Dope parklets! Latte art! Sassy mugs!

6. Tartine Bakery: I am a tourist and I have just waited in a very long line. Kneel before my banana cream tart.

5. Bi-Rite Creamery: See #6, substitute salted-caramel ice cream.

4. Outerlands: The egg is inside the toast, you guys.

3. Brenda's French Soul Food: If you've just waited 90 minutes to eat brunch, your po'boy goggles are probably strapped firmly to your face. See also: #cleaneating cheat days.

2. Sightglass Coffee (SOMA): Have you visited this place lately? It is like one giant company logo hoodie. Throw in an on-premises roastery operation and some B. Patisserie kouign-amann from the pastry case, and you're basically at Peak San Francisco, 2015 Edition.

1. Hog Island Oyster Company: Combine a photogenic view of the Bay Bridge, a tourist-friendly location, and an iconically West Coast comestible, and it's easy to see why Hog Island handily won the crown. Point, click, destroy snowbound East Coast pals with envy.

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