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Taco Bell Robbery a Failure Supreme After Employee Recognizes Toy Gun

The robber fled the scene after failing to procure either tacos or cash.

Brandon Mead

A would-be thief's attempt to live más by robbing a Financial District Taco Bell last night literally fell apart, when a quick-thinking employee revealed that the gun the aspiring robber was wielding was a fake.

According to CBS San Francisco, the suspect, described as a male in this 30s and dressed in a hoodie and jeans, walked into the restaurant at the intersection of California and Drumm at around 8:15 p.m. He then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at one of the Bell's fourthmeal-hungry patrons, demanding that everyone hit the ground before jumping over the counter and aiming the gun at one of the shop's employees. The employee, apparently recognizing the gun as a toy, grabbed it and broke it in two; the suspect then ran out of the store, sans tacos, cash, and faux-firearm. He was last seen heading west on California Street, and remains at large, hopefully having decided that he no longer quieros armed robbery.

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