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Gracias Madre and Salumeria Vandalized in Anti-Gentrification Backlash

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"White people trying to be Mexican: F--k you."


The past two days have left Mission restaurants Gracias Madre and Salumeria as the targets of some pointed vandalism. Although the two restaurants are not newcomers to the embattled 'hood—Gracias Madre opened in 2010, Salumeria in 2012—they've apparently become targets in the increasing influx of an affluent demographic and the resulting increase in rents.

Uptown Almanac reports that Salumeria was hit by vandals Monday night, tagged with the words "Dear Hipster$ still suck. Go home." In a traditionally working-class neighborhood, restaurants like Salumeria, which serves house-cured meats, sandwiches and salads at an average of $12 have been viewed as part of an unwanted gentrification process.

The following night, vegan Mexican restaurant Gracias Madre's Mission Street location was the recipient of a more aggressive statement:

#graciasmadre #racewar #fuckwhitepeople

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"Die Yuppie Scum" might not have been more original, but at least more interesting. #revolución

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Other businesses have been the victims of similar vandalism in the past, including the now-closed Local's Corner, which shuttered in November in part because of the stress of constant protest from the neighborhood. "[The vandalism's] impact was less financial than emotional," Local's Corner's Yaron Milgrom said at the time. "More than the sting, it was the cumulative wear." Whether the vandals will return to exert the same wear on these new targets remains to be seen.


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