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Polk Street's Playland Bar Busted For Selling Pot and Cocaine

Its liquor license has been suspended for 30 days.

Someone apparently took the name of Polk Street bar Playland a little too seriously: it's lost its liquor license for 30 days after an employee "negotiated the sale of marijuana and cocaine inside." As the Chron reports, the California ABC ran an undercover sting after receiving complaints from neighbors that the bar was selling drugs. Playland is trying to play off the closure with a Facebook post saying it's "closed for renovations" until March 3—not-so-coincidentally, the same day the bar's license suspension is up.

The ABC has been hot on the trail of potential drug dealing at bars lately; last month, they slapped the Mission's Gestalt Haus with a 30-day suspension of its own for selling weed, via an undercover investigation that took a staggering four months.


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